Is LOVE Forever?

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“Chastity is the capacity to love another and have reverence for the gift of sexuality, no matter what your state in life: married, single, or religious. Some think that chastity simply means not having sex. But that’s abstinence: what you can’t do and can’t have. Chastity is what you can do and can have … right now: a lifestyle that brings freedom, respect, peace, and even romance –without regret. Chastity frees a couple from the selfish attitude of using each other as objects, and makes them capable of true love. Chastity does away with the manipulation and mind games that men and women often play to get each other into bed. Sadly, many women give sex to men for the sake of getting “love” while the men often seem to give “love” for the sake of getting sex. God has created your heart – and the gift of sex – for something far greater than this confusion.

Chastity breaks through the confusion by freeing you to see why you are loved, and reminding you that you are worth the wait.” Jason Evert in Pure Love p 2

It is NEVER too late to start over!

The New Drug

"Preserve"  - Music Video by Rizon

"Our Message" - Music Video by Y.O.U.T.H.

Remember you are worth the wait!



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