Is LOVE Forever?

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Webinar on January 15, 2020

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Looking for modest (decent) bathing suits?

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This site has some good ones, and very few bad ones...

Holy Cross College, Arima

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St. Joseph's College

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Lenten Retreat

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Holy Name Convent Point Fortin January 2018

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Title: Be Chaste

When it comes to love

We find that it must be all about sex

But that is not it

When it comes to love

It's all about being chaste

It's about keeping your purity

Waiting for the right person

Loving that...

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St. Mary's College March 2017

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Topic: Divorce



Divorce could make a child mad or sad

It could make them want to cry and no matter how hard they try, they feel to die

Divorce can affect the whole family in different ways

How they are feeling is like their soul is peeling

It could affect the family financially

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Corpus Christi College November 2016

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Topic: Say NO to Porn

This thing could corrupt your mind

and influence others, so I urge you not

to watch d porn. So wha we say "no, no

No to the porn

All hours of the night they only watching porn

and wasting all dey time.

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Holy Cross College, Arima Oct 2016

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The Difference Between Love and Lust  (Skit)

The curtains open revealing a young couple in a dark street.


Boy: Hey is was great (he sighs) wish evening wasn't over yet.

Girl: The same here, but we can arrange to meet each other again.

Boy: I have another idea going (he smiles).

Girl: (surprised) What do you have in mind?

Boy: Well, I was thinking I should spend the night at your house and may...

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