Love can wait to give, Lust can't wait to get


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St. Joseph's College Part 2

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St. Joseph's College

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Lenten Retreat

Holy Name Convent Point Fortin January 2018

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Title: Be Chaste

When it comes to love

We find that it must be all about sex

But that is not it

When it comes to love

It's all about being chaste

It's about keeping your purity

Waiting for the right person

Loving that person with all your heart

And respecting them as you would respect yourself

Wait for the right person

Wait for Marriage

Say no to sex and be chaste

Because with love you are chaste

Title: Divorce

Divorce, the hardest part of a Marriage

Divorce, something that tears a family apart

Divorce, causes pain and has no gain

Divorce, children crying, parents fighting

Divorce, love is lost by another's actions

Divorce, secrets in four walls, become a lotst cause

Divorce, when ove was there, but no one cared

Divorce, I've heard the cries of sorrow at night

Divorce, a family broken, a heart shaken

Divorce, the hardest part of a Marriage...

St. Mary's College March 2017

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Topic: Divorce



Divorce could make a child mad or sad

It could make them want to cry and no matter how hard they try, they feel to die

Divorce can affect the whole family in different ways

How they are feeling is like their soul is peeling

It could affect the family financially

As the parents bark at each other

The child feels bad about his mother

To the mother, the father no longer throw a kiss, instead a raging fist

Instead of delight, the child feels to fight...

Topic: Say No to Porn

Porn isn't good

But you watch it cuz you could

You like seeing those ladies naked

And you wish you could be the one taking her virginity which is sacred

But really could it be that easy

Cuz your living in a little porn fantasy

So what I really have to say

Is that you stop watching porn today

Cuz it can make your life worse in every way

Even those hentai games you play

Porn can make you lust, which can lead to rape

And that's not the road you would like to take

Cuz sex has a risk of getting infections that can't fade

Like crabs, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS

Porn can mess up your mind

And it really isn't kind

Thinking about women as objects any time

To end off

Porn is bad

And please stop doing it cuz it makes God sad

Corpus Christi College November 2016

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Topic: Say NO to Porn

This thing could corrupt your mind

and influence others, so I urge you not

to watch d porn. So wha we say "no, no

No to the porn

All hours of the night they only watching porn

and wasting all dey time.

Holy Cross College, Arima Oct 2016

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The Difference Between Love and Lust  (Skit)

The curtains open revealing a young couple in a dark street.


Boy: Hey is was great (he sighs) wish evening wasn't over yet.

Girl: The same here, but we can arrange to meet each other again.

Boy: I have another idea going (he smiles).

Girl: (surprised) What do you have in mind?

Boy: Well, I was thinking I should spend the night at your house and maybe leave in the morning...c'mon I really love will be great.

Girl: I'm not so sure about this (she pauses). Actually, it sounds like a great decision. 

Boy: Sweet, well point me to your place. Let's go...

The curtain closes and reopens showing a semi-lit room. The couple is caressing each other. 

Boy: Hey Honey?

Girl: Yes, what's up?

Boy: Are you sure you love me?

Girl: Yes, why would I not?

Boy: (reaches at her legs) Well then, have sex with me.

Girl: Oh I'm not sure, I'm not ready...

Boy: C'mon, it'll be fun. We can call ourselves one.

Girl: But we're not married yet and...

Boy: Shhhhh. No one would know. Besides what could possibly go wrong?

Girl: Well I guess you're right.

He reaches forward and their lips meet. The light goes dim and curtain closes. They later have sex that night and soon after the boy leaves her.


Man: Wow, well it's finished. The ceremony is done...phew that was intense.

Woman: Ha ha ha, don't be that way. At least now we can settle and make bigger decisions.

Man: Ya, that's good. Like our first baby? 

The couple laughs, then sighs.

Man: Yes a child, that sounds good.

Woman: Well I think I'm ready for it. Besides we prayed for this and talked about it already.

Man: Yes we did. I love you. 


Divorce is bad and should be avoided

It shouldn't be toyed with

We'll give you the reason

As to why it's as bad as treason.

Families suffer

Children wonder

Why parents are never there

Sitting with them on a chair

At night reading them a story

This may even cause them to worry.

Divorce strikes swift

And is as cruel as a blade

One not of grass, but made of steel.

If a woman is pregnant

And the parents split

Then realization hit

Like a truck when the child realize

That the father nver surprises

Them with a birthday gift.

The child may wonder

When they're playing up yonder

At the park, their thoughts may be dark

They see families pass by

And may even cry

When their other parent never comes.

Divorce is bad

And should be avoided

It shouldn't be toyed with

Because the one it affects the worse

Is the child.

St. Charles High School, Tunapuna October 2016

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When you need to divorce

First think of your kids

Think of their future

And how you'll affect it.

Don't mistake love for part-time lust

You need to think it over

So you'll make a long time love.

Divorce, Divorce, Divorce is a sin

A sin we should not commit

We should set ourselves straight

Divorce, Divorce, Divorce will make you plead

Divorce will make you regret all you unrighteous deeds. 

St. Mary's College, Port of Spain Feb 2016

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The Voice That Said 'Chaste' (by Kenny Baptiste)

Was in this Party

Beautiful eyes looking at me

Lovely figure the number eight

Mind was uneasy heart was at race

All I was thinking was to have sex in a comfortable place

There was something I remembered, a strange word called 'chaste'

But my mind was not pure, it was not clean

All I could think is lust with this beautiful woman looking at me

All my friend(s) said that's a sexy body that's all me

But a voice said 'chaste!'

Pure at conscience, pure at taste

The voice said, son do not break the commandments I've put in place

You are my child, do the right thing

It should be forever lasting, not a one night swing.

How Divorce Affects the Family (by Group 4)

They got married quite soon

After having a great afternoon

For they did not know 

There was a child to enter the show.

A fractured union

Their love, it seems, was an illusion

For they had a gruesome divorce

And ended up on Murry during the course.

All through this bad incident

It was not a coincidence

That this broken family

Ended quite unhappily. 


He wants to love

Does he have to lust?

He wants her heart

Also her other parts.

He wants to care

Does his tongue have to be in her ear?

She wants his love

He wants her behind.

The world uses screens for pleasure

He loves it too

She wants a gentleman

He wants her nude.

So he hiding

Yo know what he watching

Stuff with woman

Oh no, another one


I will wait until the vow is made

before I let my chastity (virginity) fade

I save myself for the right girl

The one who will wait for me

It may take a while for the time to come

but that is the decision I chose for me

I dream of that day we will be united

We will both enjoy the reward

for which we fighted

This person is a challenge

for whom I'll pay the cost

Praying that she'll live only for me

before she lets herself be lost

I consider this ambition

an unclosed seal

Whoever this promise is made for

Thank you for waiting for me to kneel

Saint Mother Theresa

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Did you know that Mother Theresa of Calcutta recently became a saint? 

She successfully taught the same Billings Ovulation Method that we taught you in the slums of India! Here are some cool things she said:

"The fruit of prayer is the deepening of faith

The fruit of faith is love

The fruit of love is service

The fruit of servce is peace"

"A family that prays together, stays together"

"Prayer creates a pure heart"

"The fruit of prayer is a clean heart and a clean heart can see God"

"The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion"

"Contraception and abortion destroys love"

"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do"

Theology of the Body for Teens

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