Love can wait to give, Lust can't wait to get


St. Mary's College, Port of Spain Feb 2016

Posted by BOMA-TT on October 21, 2016 at 3:10 PM

The Voice That Said 'Chaste' (by Kenny Baptiste)

Was in this Party

Beautiful eyes looking at me

Lovely figure the number eight

Mind was uneasy heart was at race

All I was thinking was to have sex in a comfortable place

There was something I remembered, a strange word called 'chaste'

But my mind was not pure, it was not clean

All I could think is lust with this beautiful woman looking at me

All my friend(s) said that's a sexy body that's all me

But a voice said 'chaste!'

Pure at conscience, pure at taste

The voice said, son do not break the commandments I've put in place

You are my child, do the right thing

It should be forever lasting, not a one night swing.

How Divorce Affects the Family (by Group 4)

They got married quite soon

After having a great afternoon

For they did not know 

There was a child to enter the show.

A fractured union

Their love, it seems, was an illusion

For they had a gruesome divorce

And ended up on Murry during the course.

All through this bad incident

It was not a coincidence

That this broken family

Ended quite unhappily. 


He wants to love

Does he have to lust?

He wants her heart

Also her other parts.

He wants to care

Does his tongue have to be in her ear?

She wants his love

He wants her behind.

The world uses screens for pleasure

He loves it too

She wants a gentleman

He wants her nude.

So he hiding

Yo know what he watching

Stuff with woman

Oh no, another one


I will wait until the vow is made

before I let my chastity (virginity) fade

I save myself for the right girl

The one who will wait for me

It may take a while for the time to come

but that is the decision I chose for me

I dream of that day we will be united

We will both enjoy the reward

for which we fighted

This person is a challenge

for whom I'll pay the cost

Praying that she'll live only for me

before she lets herself be lost

I consider this ambition

an unclosed seal

Whoever this promise is made for

Thank you for waiting for me to kneel

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